Active Zone Outdoor” is a Cyprus based non for profit, non Governmental  organisation established in Larnaca in 2019. Despite its recent establishment, Active Zone Outdoor is comprised of a group of young people and youth workers who have been active in the field of Outdoor the last three years as part of initiatives undertaken by different NGOs and informal groups in Cyprus.


Main Objectives..

  1. Promote a healthy lifestyle among young people through non-formal learning, nature and outdoor activities and sports 
  2. Actively engage young people in local and European level  contributing to social change, protection of the environment and personal development
  3. Reinforce Active Citizenship and volunteerism 
  4. Promote European Values through Intercultural Education 
  5. Support the European Ecological Network “Natura 2000” through the protection of natural areas for species of flora, fauna, birds and habitats in the area of Larnaca and generally in Cyprus. 
  6. Develop cooperative relationships between other institutes, federations, public bodies, sports organizations, non-governmental organizations in the local level. 
  7. Develop cooperative relations between European and international organizations, associations, federations, public bodies, sports organizations and non-governmental organizations

Our Mission..

The mission of the organisation is to achieve a better mental health and wellbeing of young people through active participation in the society.

Local Actions

The organisation is already actively engaged in several local actions promoting outdoor activities, protection of the environment, volunteerism. Moreover, the organisation is cooperating voluntarily with other organisations and movements in order to promote social values such as environment, health, poverty, culture and education. 

Future Aims..!

Lastly, the organization aims to actively get involved in local and international projects in order a) to give opportunities to young people to acquire experiences and develop skills and competences within the European Dimension, b) to provide to the leaders training programmers as a part of their personal and professional development. 

“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life”

-Heather Schuck-



Niki studied Primary Education and acquires an Msc in Physical Education. She works as a P.E. teacher in Primary Schools and she is a Physical Education adviser in Primary Education in Cyprus. Having a rich background in non-formal and outdoor education she had the initiative of an NGO that is promoting outdoor and sports activities to Young People. She strongly supports that Outdoor and sports activities work as a significant tool for social participation and inclusion of young people. Since Active Zone Outdoor aims to support, develop and promote learning through outdoor experiences, Niki believes that young people can achieve personal development and growth. Lastly, Niki recognizes the positive impact that outdoor activities and activities in nature have on the mental health and well-being of young people. Furthermore, Niki distinguishes the power of non-formal education through Intercultural projects so that young people from all over Europe have opportunities to interact, learn, share, exchange, develop ideas and produce solutions, aiming to positive social change. As a president, project coordinator and organizer she is committed to put into practice events, actions, projects and activities in order to fulfill the aims of Active Zone Outdoor.

Vasilis Grigoras

Μr Vasilis Grigoras, the vice president of the NGO, He holds a Bsc (Hons) in Computing. Vasilis is highly competent in several outdoor activities and physical practices such as hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, wall climbing, canyoning and other sport activities. He acquired multiple skills in terms of practicing, teaching, training and supervising. He is also a hiking guide and a lifeguard. As a Youth Worker he plans and implements Sport events and Outdoor Activities for Active Zone Outdoor. As a Youth Leader he has been participating and supporting the implementation of Youth projects such as Youth Exchanges, Training Courses and Youth Summer Camps etc. For Vasilis, young people should experience sport activities in nature as much as possible since they can develop their self-confidence, physical skills in a more efficient and attractive way. Active Zone Outdoor offers to Vassilis the opportunity to apply his skills and knowledge in order to engage and motivate more young people to come towards to nature.

George Koumandaris

Mr George Koumandaris is a member of the Board. He studied Business administration and management. George has many years of experience in planning, organising and running national and international youth events related to outdoor activities but also to the promotion of Social and European values, such as democracy, peace, human rights and active participation of youth. He is also experienced in lots of outdoor activities and he is a hiking guide and acquires a first-aid diploma. As a Youth Worker he coordinates and organizes Sport events, Outdoor Activities and Summer camps for young people in our organization. As a Youth Leader he has been coordinating lots of youth exchanges and facilitating in Training Courses and other projects. As a skilled youth leader feels the need to facilitate the youngsters to process their experiences in outdoor activities since is not only about having fun. Youth can develop a whole range of skills, from problem solving to self-confidence.

Alexandros Xanalatos

Alexandros Xanalatos is the Secretary of Active Zone Outdoor and also a Youth Worker and Project Manager of the NGO. Currently, he is studying Bachelor of Laws degree. He has been a Youth Leader in scouting groups, organizing and coordinating scouting local events, youth camps and outdoor activities. Alexandros has been participating in Erasmus+ projects such as Youth Exchanges as a participant or as a Group Leader. Taking part in Training Courses in topics related to youth employability, NGO management and project management, he has developed his knowledge and skills in managing an NGO and also in programming and managing projects. Therefore, he is taking over the coordination of many national or European Projects and activities dealing with topics such as Youth Dialogue, Human Rights Education, Outdoor Education, Environmental Education, Entrepreneurship, Health and others.

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